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Introduction: Image Inside Text Using Photoshop

my 1st Photoshop Instructables using Photoshop.

>>>>>>Using Photoshop to Put an Image Inside Text<<<<<<<

Step 1: Name the Layer & Add Text

using Photoshop to put an image inside text. It requires a clipping mask, which is easy to make

Step 2: Change the Font & Scale the Text

change the font and size accordingly ;

ctrl + T to free form the text > resize it

move the image layer on top .

Step 3: Clipping Mask

With the image layer selected in the Layers panel, select the Move tool from the Tools panel. Click on the image and move it around until I like how it's positioned inside the text.

You can now choose File > Save and call it done, or continue on to add some finishing touches.

Step 4: Outline the Text

open the Layer Style window by choosing Layer > Layer Style > Stroke.

Know that there are other ways to open the Layer Style window.

You can double click the text layer, or with the text layer selected

click the layer style icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel and choose Stroke.

Step 5: Select a Stroke Color

click on the color slider, or move the color slider triangle up or down until u like what u see in the Color field. I'll move the circular marker within the Color field and click to select a stroke color. I'll click OK, and click OK again.

Step 6: Create a New Layer

In the Layers panel, click on the Create New Layer icon. click and drag the new layer down under the other layers, double-click the layer name to highlight it, then type in the name, "background."

Step 7: Final Work

the original picture and the modified text image .

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