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Make a fantasy scene for your mermaid friend complete with an ocean and plants.

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Step 1: Materials

This project is very similar to building a fairy garden. This little landscape will be maintenance free if you stick with fake plants. (If you choose to use real succulents instead of fake ones, you should probably stick to white rocks instead of sand since you will be watering them).

You will need to gather:

Cardboard or white canvas board

Hot Glue


Safety Goggles

Blue Glass Gems

White Craft Sand

Plastic Succulents

Round Shallow Planter

Mermaid Figurine

Rocks (optional)

Beach Glass Pieces (optional)

Step 2: Plants

I purchased some little succulent arrangements and took out the plants and reused the containers for another project.

Either cut the ends off the ends of the succulents or twist them so they can be hot glued to the cardboard base.

Cut your cardboard piece to match the inside curve of your shallow planter.

Arrange plants how you would like them and hot glue on to cardboard.

Step 3: Fitting

I used an old planter that already had dirt in it (the plants died). Fit your cardboard garden under the lip of the planter and build up under the cardboard so that it lays level

Build up the remainder of the planter with either dirt or decorative rocks so that the cardboard is even with the rest of the surface of inside the planter.

Step 4: Terrain

Add blue Gems over the bare portion of the planter. This will be your water portion. Then over the cardboard base, add craft sand. Pour all around plants and up until it meets the glass gems.

Wear your safety goggles and blow off any sand that gets inside the plant leaves. Blowing also helps even out the sandy surface.

If you have some beach glass pieces you can lay them over the border of where the sand meets the sea. It helps to blend the edge.

Step 5: Mermaid's Paradise

Finally, place your mermaid figurine and find a nice area to display your mermaid's garden. I would recommend keeping it inside and away from animals.

Be creative with your arrangements and the plants used. You can even use fish aquarium plants and scenery!

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