Impact Sprinkler Base

Introduction: Impact Sprinkler Base

I needed a way to put up a bunch of impact sprinklers and not have them shake themselves out of position. The little spike you get for them did not work very well especially when the ground gets wet. So this is what I came up with cheap and easy to make. Works well.

Step 1: How to Make It.

You will need:

- flexible plastic flower pot.
- x2 1/2" screw plugs.
- x2 rubber gaskets ( I used some from snap on garden hose fittings).
- x2 straight 1/2" fittings one end screw and other end slip fitting.
- one 1/2" 90 elbow slip fitting.
- 3/4" spade drill bit.
- a short length of 1/2' pipe.

( Fittings and pipe are all PVC )

1 - Drill a 3/4" hole in the center bottom of the pot and about 1" from the rim of the pot.
2 - Put the rubber gasket over the 1/2" plug and screw in to the holes from the outside.
3 - Screw the straight fittings on to the plugs from the inside.
4 - Cut 2 pieces of 1/2" pipe to size to connect the elbow and straight fittings together.
5 - Use PVC cement to glue all the parts together.
6 - Plug up the holes in the pot with some duct tape.
7 - Use 2 wood block to stand the pot on so the bottom plug is between them.
8 - Fill the pot with dry concrete mix to measure the amount you will need.
9 - Empty the concrete into a mixing bucket  add water and mix.
10 - Pour the concrete in to the pot and let it set on a level surface.
11 - Remove the plugs and pot.
12 - Screw in sprinkler and hose fittings.


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    KIS is allways the best, like your solution ! And if you live in a low-pressure area, use a curve and not a 90 elbow, elbows reduce the pressure more than curves.