Important Basic Quilling Shapes + Heart




If you want to learn how to make the basic quilling shapes that almost EVERY quilling project requires, then you've come to the right place.

After I've listed what you'll need to get started, I'm going to show you how to make:

Step 2. Loose Circle - Teardrop - Curved Teardrop

Step 3. Marquise - Curved Marquise

Step 4. Triangle - Half Circle

Step 5. Rectangle - Square/Diamond

Step 6. Heart

If you find this tutorial helpful or interesting, then look out for my next quilling tutorial: Quilling Scrolls and Tight Circles. After that I will do: Quilling Tips and Techniques. Then we can get started with the fun stuff! (bearing in mind that I am most definitely NOT a professional.

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Step 1: Supplies

  1. Quilling paper
  2. Glue
  3. Slotted quilling tool
  4. Cocktail stick/Needle quilling tool


  1. Circle sizer

Step 2: Loose Circle, Teardrop, Curved Teardrop

1. Loose Circle

Slot one strip of quilling paper into the slotted tool, then start turning the tool so that the paper makes a growing circle round it. When the paper is used up (do not glue!) take it off the slotted tool, (and put it in the circle sizer in the desired size) let it unravel a bit, then glue the end of the strip onto the circle. The glue should dry pretty quickly. Now you have a completed loose circle!

2. Teardrop

Make a loose circle, then pinch one side of it. Now you have a completed teardrop!

3. Curved Teardrop

Make a teardrop, then curve the pointed end. Now you have a completed curved teardrop!

Step 3: Marquise, Curved Marquise

1. Marquise

Make a loose circle. Then pinch two opposite points at the same time.

2. Curved Marquise

Make a marquise and then curve the points.

Step 4: Triangle, Half Circle

1. Triangle

Make a teardrop. Then push the rounded part to create a flat side.

2. Half Circle

Make a teardrop. Then pinch a second point close to the first point. The distance between the two points will determine the height of the half circle.

Step 5: Rectangle, Square/Diamond

1. Rectangle

Make a marquise. Turn it slightly, then push the points in towards the center and pinch two more points.

2. Square/Diamond

Make a marquise. Turn it 90 degrees, push the points in towards the center then pinch two more points.

Step 6: Heart

Make two teardrops of the same size. Glue them together where the points of the pinched coils are down the center. This helps create a symmetrical-looking heart.

Hope you liked this instructible! Please comment and give feedback! Thank You!

Remember to watch out for my next quilling 'ible !

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    Made a chart... Love it. Going to your next quilling' le. Thank you.

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