Windows: Importing Photos

Introduction: Windows: Importing Photos

This will walk you through the process of importing photos on your Windows computer. Good Luck!

Step 1:

Simply insert your SD card into or connect your camera via USB cord to your computer.

Be sure to give it a moment to detect your camera or SD card. It may need to install drivers, if this is your first time connecting your camera to your computer.

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Step 2:

A dialog box with several options should appear on you screen after a few moments.

To import select pictures, please Jump to Step 4.

To import all photos, simply select the "Import Pictures and Videos Using Windows" option

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Step 3: Select Options and Import

If desired, tag your pictures and simply click import. Wait a few minutes to complete and you are done!

By default, your pictures will be saved in your "My Pictures" folder. You can change
this and other options by clicking the "Import Settings" link in the lower left corner.

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Step 4: Manually Importing Pictures - Viewing Them

If you'd like to import select pictures and don't already have a program that will allow you to select individual pictures for, such as Windows Live Picture Gallery, you can use this method to import your pictures.

When the import dialog box appears, scroll to the bottom and select the "Open folder to View Files  Using Windows Explorer."  

Alternatively, you can use Windows Explorer to navigate to the drive assigned to your camera, usually something like (F:/)

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Step 5: Copy or Cut Your Photos

Once you've navigated to your camera's photo files, select the photos you wish to upload to your computer and cut or copy them. (Depends on if you want to keep them on the camera or not)

You can select multiple photos using CTRL + click or SHIFT + click.

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Step 6: Paste Photos

Finally, navigate to the folder you wish to upload the photos to and paste them into that folder. Success!

You may have to wait a few moments for them to transfer to your computer

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