Impression Painting Using Screws

Introduction: Impression Painting Using Screws

It is one of the innovative ways of impression painting wherein you get multiple different impressions from SCREWS. In this technique, we will be using the rear end of a screw to give required impressions.

The process is really simple but the fun is no less. Let's screw up!!


• Flat / single slot screws

• Color Mixing plate

• Water Color

• Paint Brush

• Drawing Sheets

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Step 1: Choosing Screw

Take a screw. The choice of the screw is important. You can use slotted heads, and circular heads of different sizes to get different shapes.

It is preferable to have a screw with long length so as to assist in holding.

Step 2: Mixing Color

Use a brush to color the head of the screw.

Have a visual inspection to make sure that the screw head is properly coated with color.

The water content in the color should be minimal.

Step 3: Getting Impressions

Now put the screw head on the drawing sheet and press hold for 3-5 secs.

Start putting impressions of different colour in your drawing.

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