Imprompt Cat House Out of a Carboard Box




Introduction: Imprompt Cat House Out of a Carboard Box

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My hand fed to adulthood cat Nilla needed a new home. A cup box from work has become the perfect place.

Step 1: The Materials

Not very much

1. A heat gun

2. Hot glue

3. A cardboard box

4. Eva Foam

5. Any sharp knife or scissor.

Step 2: Mark Holes

Use a good marker.

Make the holes about 3 to 6 inches. The cat has no collar bone but still needs space to manuver it's limbs.

Step 3: Cut Holes in Box

I recommend an exacto knife. If none is available, use a razor or a box cutter. Be sure to make it 3 to 6 inches.

Step 4: Bend the EVA Foam and Put It Inside.

Use your heat gun to bend the EVA Foam to a shape like this

Then glue it to the walls inside

Step 5: Cut Off the Top

Cut off the flaps to make it open. Cats prefer it to be open.

Step 6:

And now your Cat house is complete. I use a treat or cat nip to lure them in. Don't force them however, let them go in on their own time.

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    3 years ago

    Yep, cats love boxes! Next time you go to the store, find discarded "display"boxes. I find mine at BJ's. The outdoor cats love them. One side is usually already open so the items can be displayed. Flip them upside down and you have an already made custom cat house. I drape an old cloth over the top so they can "hide" and in the winter, add fleece throw (we live in ( snow) for our semi feral outside cat. Got fleece and fabric to make warm custom covers for cold weather. Will post when done. Cat approved design.