Improve Innovelis CordFits for Headphone Wrapping.

Introduction: Improve Innovelis CordFits for Headphone Wrapping.

How many of you using Innovelis' CordFits have trouble with the cord-wrapping "feature" of this little gadget? I know I sure do. While the CordFits work wonderfully for shortening the headphone cord, wrapping for storage is another story. The two sides always seem to collapse on me as I wrap, making it loose, sloppy, and potentially tangled.

I came up with a quick and easy solution to this, and shared it with Innovelis in the hope that they will eventually incorporate this modification in future CordFits. It's been several months so far, so I decided to share it with you folks as well, while Innovelis gets around to the retooling.

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Step 1:

For this modification, all you need is a pair of scissors, some superglue, and a thin yet stiff piece of plastic. I find that the plastic from cold pill packs works nicely.

Step 2:

Cut the plastic into two strips approximately .75 inch (1cm) wide and 1.25 inch (2.8cm) long.

Step 3:

Cut the two strips in half, then on each of the 4 pieces, trim off two corners. This will help the two CordFits sides come together without the plastic interfering.

Step 4:

Disassemble your CordFits and lay the pieces text-up. Using superglue, adhere the plastic strips to the CordFits pieces. Make sure the plastic strips are all on the same side of the pieces, either the right or left, but not both. Be sure to let the plastic overhang the edge of the CordFits so that they will overlap the other side of the CordFits when together.

Step 5:

Let the glue dry, and you're done! The added plastic will help support the CordFits in the middle as you're wrapping the cord around, so no more collapse and mess!

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