Improve Speaker Quality With a Water Bottle

Introduction: Improve Speaker Quality With a Water Bottle

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     So, you have a cheap pair of speakers, or shitty speakers, or some other type of simple speaker setup that you would like to improve, you can do this really simply; by adding a better inclosure that will give better bass response for almost no money, and a small amount of time.      I got a pair of super cheap un-amplified speakers from,  that

Step 1: Cut Your Water Bottles.

1. ok so first cut your water bottle where the neck starts taper down to the cap. this is visualized in the first picture. 
2. then drop the speaker into the part of the neck (once it is clean,so its not sticky and nasty.)
3. measure where it fits snug.
4. mark with sharpie
5. cut with your exacto knife. 

Step 2: Set Up the Speaker's Bass Enhancers

so now you should have three pieces. you have the piece of the neck attached to the cap. then you have the piece that tapers to the bottom of the bottle, and the neck. then you have the body of the bottle.
to make your speaker bass enhancer enclosure, you will take the neck piece that holds the speaker and put it int the small tapering piece backwards. Now hot glue it or epoxy it. this enclosure enhances the bass response for the speakers and makes them sound at least $20.00 more than they are worth.

Now put this enclosure in the body of the bottle and hot glue or epoxy that into place.

this is now your new speaker setup. TA DAA!  

Step 3: Paint?

i would suggest painting these puppies, since they look and perform quite well for using naught but 2 plastic bottles. 

thanks for reading! 

email/post questions

(i will have more pictures soon....i am not home at the moment to actually complete this, but i am going to.)



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    9 Discussions

    can you post a video of how it sounds

    Totally cool, cheap, easy, efficient 'ible. . . THE BEST KIND!

    I shoot on location often and am definitely going to see how far I can take this so I don't need to risk taking a more expensive solution.

    Big THX poster.

    Ah HA! I have been looking for the cheapest way to make some 'reasonable' speakers while here in Korea. This should be an interesting experiment!

    what is troubling you? sorry for the absence of photos, i am currently visiting a college, i can try to explain and answer any questions you have.

    Thanks, now I understand. My question is whether this so simple configuration can be really effective. But the doubt is cleared very easily, making the test. Meanwhile, I believe you.

    haha thank you, these speakers went from sounding really flat, with no low end to actually sounding like $15 speakers you would purchase at radioshack, or at least that is my perception.