Improve Your Room

Introduction: Improve Your Room

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Here are some tips for room cleaning.

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Step 1: Make Your Bed

Making your bed is a good way to start.

Step 2: Categorizing

Categorize all your junk of what you want and what you don't want.

Step 3: In a Bin

Keep your junk in a bin.

Step 4: Sorting

Sort things like Rainbow Loom or Perler Beads in a plastic container.

Step 5: On a Shelf

Keep your books, binders, ect. on a shelf.

Step 6: In a Closet

Also keep your clothes in a closet.

Step 7: Have a Drawer

Have a drawer to keep your paper junk and receipts. If you don't have a drawer, just keep your papers in a binder.

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