Improve Your Solidworks Models With Parametric Modeling

Introduction: Improve Your Solidworks Models With Parametric Modeling

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Have you ever wanted to edit your Solidworks models faster and more efficiently than you currently do? In this instructable I will go over Parametric modeling in Solidworks and how it can be used to improve efficiency

Step 1: Why Is This Useful?

My main motivation for this project and feature is making a customizable fidget spinner without openscad like most people are using.

Step 2: Get a Basic Sketch Made

First before you can do anything you need to have a basic idea of what you want it to look like. i went for a bearing in the middle and a curve to one side. If you want this model as a example or to experiment with,its included here

Step 3: Add Your Variables

After you have your basic sketch, go to Tools->Equations and add the variables you want and name them appropriately

Step 4: Applying Variables

Applying variables is very easy to do. all you have to do is instead of typing in a number, hit equal and global variables should appear under the input box.

Step 5: Extruding Out the Model

Now that we have the Variables and our basic idea complete, we can start making the extruded and complete version of the model to then be used. The first thing you want to do is make your first contour the bearing circle. make sure you are extruding with a thin feature and are extruding Outward. This creates a "ring" outside the circle. Next, we do the same for our curve. after that, you want to Mirror it to the opposite side so you get something like image 3. you can then use a circular pattern and select the Outer curves and Excluding the inner curve so you don't have to do as much work with the last step. after that, I linear pattern the inner circle and then do a circular pattern again so it goes around. Remember to be using variables. lastly, you may be seeing that the model is kinda of messy with intersecting bodies. So add a Combine feature and do CTRL+A to select all bodies.

Step 6: Completed Print

Now you have a completed fidget spinner and you learned how to use variables in your modeling. Happy modeling

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