Improve Mobile Broadband Download Reliability

Introduction: Improve Mobile Broadband Download Reliability

This is my first Instructable, it is only short and really simple,but I hope it helps relieve the stress caused by mobile broadband downloads. =)

I have found that when downloading large files using a 3g broadband connection the download gets to a certain point, then just stops downloading and has to be restarted.
I have always given up before getting to the end and download the file to somebody elses computer using a connection worth having.

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Step 1: Get a Glass of Cold Water

For this first step, go to the kitchen, run the cold tap and fill any tall glass with cold water. I havent tried this but a couple of ice cubes might improve it even further.

Step 2: Find an Airtight Plastic Bag

I used a re-sealable bag used to keep incense in, but anything will do. Possibly a chocolate bar wrapper, but SERIOUSLY. make sure it is airtight first.
After finding something suitable, connect your USB dongle to an extension cable, put the dongle in the bag and plug the cable into the computer.

Step 3: Drop USB Dongle in Glass of Water


Drop the bag into the glass of water making sure that the bag will stand upright and that the water cant reach the top of the bag. If this happens not only will your download stop but you may blow your computer up. Be careful! =)
Ive warned you TWICE here so wont accept responsibility for any damaged dongles, computers, laptops, or failed downloads.

Step 4: Start Download

Start your download as you would normally and watch as the download speed stays relatively stable. Your download should complete after the first attempt.
I managed to download a 70mb file in under ten minutes like this, staying at around 200kb/sec. The same download failed 10 minutes earlier after around 2 minutes/10Mb.

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    8 years ago on Step 4

    I have a better one for you. Make a Mineral Spirits based cooler. Works better than water and won't fry your electronics. Google it and find out.