Improve Your Dodo Case

Introduction: Improve Your Dodo Case

Make your Dodo Case more comfortable so that you can enjoy a long game without straining your hand.

In this instructable I'm going how to improve your Dodo Case and make it comfortable on your head. In this instructable shows you how to add a strap, to hold the case to your head. Make your nose feel comfortable while you wear the case using Sugru.

So lets start building......

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Step 1: Tools and Requirements

All you need for this instructable is-

  • Sugru
  • A strap from a old bag
  • Velcro Tape
  • Stapler

Step 2: Strap

First lets create a strap, so that you don't have to keep holding the case in your hand, while you enjoy a game on your Dodo Case. I'm not sure where you get this strap online I got mine from an old backpack. If you know a place leave a comment. To start of have a measurement of the strap by placing it around your head. Cut of the excessive part and heat it over a candle so that you don't get threads coming of it.

Step 3: Adding Velcro

Once you have got the strap measured and cut according to your requirement, its time to stick Velcro at the ends of the strap. You can get Velcro tape at a hardware store. Use a stapler to get the other end stuck to the Case, and you now have a strap to hold the case to your head.

Step 4: Sugru

One thing that I noticed while using the Dodo Case for a long time is that my nose hurt due to the weight of the case The solution was to get some better grip for the cardboard, and for that I used Sugru. Sugru is a self setting silicon rubber and that served well for this purpose. Just mould the Sugru as I have done in the image, I know I have not done a creative job in shaping the mould but it got the job done.

Step 5: Finishing

Sugru takes 24 hours to set so give it a good setting time. And after 24 hours you have successfully improved your Dodo Case. Stay tuned for my next instructable, in which I show you how to make your own game-pad to go with your Dodo Case.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! There's nothing's worse then wearing the skin off of your nose with rough cardboard!