Improve Your Normal Headphones.




Introduction: Improve Your Normal Headphones.

First I'm going to tell you that this is my first instructable. So please rate fairly.
My 3€ headphones broke about 2 weeks ago. I didn't have any earphones after that until yesterday. I bought these Sony MDR-E9LP headphones cheaply from local supermarket. I have always loved the in-ear headpnose, because of their noise isolating system. I was thinking how could I get even something like that to these normal headphones when I realized that maybe the in-ear earphones earbud part could help. I luckily had couple of them lying on table.

Things you will need.

In-ear headphone earbuds

And of course brain will help.

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Step 1: Inside-out

Now you take the in-ear erphones plugs. You have to turn them inside-out.

Step 2: Cutting

Now you have to cut the exceeding part of the plugs.
I didn't remember to take pictures of this part but i think that evereone can do this.

Step 3: Insert Them.

Now take your headphones and just put the plugs over the headphones.
The picture is very bad quality, but i hope you can see what there is.

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    6 years ago

    Dose it do anything