Improve Your Work Bench in About 4 Seconds





Introduction: Improve Your Work Bench in About 4 Seconds

This is so simple I wasn't going to put it up, but decided to after marveling at how I didn't think of it sooner.

If you're anything like me, you prefer to keep your screwdrivers magnetized and are sick of getting up and running to the fridge to "recharge" them (Also, you're too cheap to go buy a magnetic screwdriver).  Well fear not!  In two simple steps (one Instructable step) we can remedy this problem.

Step 1) Get a magnet and a screw that fits though it (or one magnet and two screws that don't fit through it).  I got mine out of an old DVD player I was cannibalizing  for something else.
Step 2) Screw the magnet to your bench in an out of the way, but within arms reach distance.

Voila.  Magnetize your tools to your heart's content.



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    What a great idea! I use magnetized screw drivers for small exterior casing screws found on the putter casings of most electronics. Definitely going to add this update to my bench.

    It is a good tip if you want magnetized screwdrivers.
    My problem is that I hate magnetized screwdrivers. All the swarf keeps sticking to it and it is messy. But then, I do a lot of metal work so there is iron all over the place.

    So let me ask this in a different way, why do you want magnetized screwdrivers? I am probably missing something here.

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    It makes it much easier to not lose screws when working on projects. Especially great when the screws are so small. To magnetize the screwdriver just give it a few swipes across a magnet. To demagnetize it just give it a few swipes in the other direction.

    juzz stick yhe tip of the screwdriver to a powerful magnet n leave overnight....

    Demagnetizing a tool can be done with a soldering gun (not iron). The kind with a loop of copper at the end, and a jillion amps through it that heat it up. Just turn it on with the tool inside the loop, and draw it out over a couple seconds. The alternating magnetic field will neutralize the static field. Then again, if you want to magnetize something, do the same thing but shut off the gun without moving the tool out of the field. If you shut it off just right, you'll be at maximum field (just have to be lucky) and the tool will be magnetized.

    Heating a magnet will make it lose its magnetism. If you are annoyed by a magnetic screwdriver, heat it up. Then you can use a magnet to re-magnetize it again if you need it.

    Screws of all sizes are easier to place into tricky spots.... without falling down somewhere inside (the computer, engine compartment ) 8-)

    After unscrewing something you don't lose the screws as easily. :)

    For most people who are not working around metal lathes, they want a magnetic screwdriver because the screw sticks to the screw driver making it much easier to screw it into things.

    For your application though, yes--it would get quite annoying to have magnetic screwdrivers around, as it would pick up all the ferrous chips that come from your lathe. I can imagine that being quite annoying to have to clean the little tiny bits from the blades of the screwdrivers.

    This does look much easier than "running to the fridge"; but I, personally, have never heard of that ("running to the fridge") method of magnetizing anything either! How is that done?

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    A lot of fridges have a plastic concertina seal around the door to keep the air/heat/cold in or out.. Inside the seal there is a long magnetic / plastic strip...
    To get the strip out of a junk fridge just split the seal open with a sharp knife and pull out the (brown) magnet strip... They are not very strong ...but... very handy and clean to use on any (steel) surface.

    This is great news to me! I never knew. I often rummage for shelves and stuff from fridges at our recycling centre, now I'll be magnetised to the gunn'ls as well. Thanks for this - great stuff!

    If you want a really strong magnet or two, try junking an old hard disc. You'll break your fingers trying to peel it off a metal surface. Very powerful!

    I have A HDD magnet holding a large selection of take-out menus to the fridge. no other magnet is up to that feat.

    He "runs to the fridge" for the fridge magnet that says "Immrroboto's Kitchen" and rubs it along the screwdriver shaft to magnetize it.

    1) Run to the fridge (w/ tool obviously)
    2) Grab a magnet off the fridge
    3) Magnetize it
    ( he was just trying to be funny ;)

    I think he means to just grab a manget. ;)

    hmmm, I use a round "dragon egg" its the same diameter of a quarter. I usually stick my screws to it too. I loose so much stuff you would think this would have rolled away months or even years ago but nope, still have it. It sits in side an inverted Nuka Cola bottle Cap.