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For those of you who have seen my previous "automatic furnace" tutorial (link below), this is an improvement of that design.

link to my previous tutorial

Step 1: The Original

So if you have already made my first automatic furnace this is what it should look like (but maybe without the Christmas chests)

Step 2: The New Design Part One

Start by placing a second chest to the right of the first to make a double chest. Then place a hopper on top of that chest, a furnace on top of the hopper, then another hopper going into the side of the furnace. Assuming you understood all that we'll move onto the next step, if you didn't, leave a comment.

Step 3: The New Design Part Two

Place a chest on top of the new hopper, a hopper on top of the new furnace, and another chest on top of that to make a double chest.

Step 4: How It Works

Basically all this design does is put two of them together. The main advantages are that when you put the things you want to cook in the top double chest, they are evenly distributed between the 2 furnaces as shown in pics 1, 2 and 3.

I hope everyone finds this improvement useful, and I would like to say, that as far as I know, this has not been posted by anyone else before. If it has, please inform me. If anyone is wondering why I haven't posted a weapons tutorials for the past 5000 views, it is because I have been on holiday a lot recently, but I will be posting some soon.

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