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This is the improved model of my other survival backpack. It is in a better backpack and has more improved supplies. The list of things in it in their category are:

Backpack: Coleman Elate8L with 2L water bladder(The water bladder is always full)

Shelter: Tent fly with a center tie off for hanging it from a tree(Pic1) This rolls up with the stakes and twine inside and straps to the top of the backpack , 200 ft roll of orange twine (forgot to put it in the picture) one survival blanket and enough stakes to pitch the fly.

Food: Alcohol stove with windbreak , Small cup , First aid kit , Fire kit , Multi/tool and Lip chap(all in pic12,13,14,15) , Baggie of hot chocolate , Baggie of sugar , Baggie of salt , Baggie of pepper , Lots of coffee filters , spork ,  lots of tinfoil folded up and Lots of paper towel

Light: Crank flashlight , Glow-stick and same fire kit with the alcohol stove.

Tools/weapons: Slingshot , Pocket Chainsaw and a bigger Multi/tool.

Navigation/Signaling: Engineers Compass or Map and mapping compass , Air horn , Flagging tape and Small dowel wrapped with duct tape. 

Storage/Waterproofing: 2 Zip Lock freezer bags , 2 Zip-lock sandwich bags and 1 Garbage bag (Didn't put that in the pic either)

And that's it!! Thanks for reading!!! Please , Like , Comment and Vote!!!




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    2 years ago

    You sir are brilliant!
    The stove and pot holder are almost exactly like the ones I have just designed!
    Great minds think alike!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good Instructable. I would suggest, though, swapping out the flashlight for a headlamp. It's smaller, lighter, and keeps your hands free. Also, it points light where you need it -- wherever you're looking.

    I'd also be a little concerned about the bent out tabs on the stove's screen -- they look pretty sharp.

    That lensatic compass is nice, but I bet it weighs a pound. Consider a plastic baseplate compass.

    The bladder's a good idea, but that will last a day under hard walking. Consider something like a Sawyer Mini water filter, which can be put inline with the hydration hose. Now, you can remove or replace the filter and your bladder can be filled with clean or contaminated water.

    Beef up your emergency food. Include couscous (a small pasta that can be made by just steeping in boiling water,) bullion, rock candy, and instant oatmeal. If this is a SHTF/bugout bag, you should have three days' supply of food. If it's a dayhike bag, at least a day.

    I have that hydration pack. It's worked fine for me as a day hike pack or summit bag in warm weather.

    sawyer mini.jpg
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    camping crazychokapi

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Look at my other backpack survival kit instructable it has most of the things you sugessted!! I never go anywhere at night without my headlamp and didnt want to dedicate it to the survival kit... Thanks for the help!!

    Thanks for commenting!! It gets lashed to the outside!! Im almost finished my new instructable on this kit check back later!!


    The tent is usually extremely solid but it was pouring when I was setting it up so I didn't get it the right height before I started staking it out:(

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