Improvement of Children's Toy, Kick Bike + Open Trailer




Introduction: Improvement of Children's Toy, Kick Bike + Open Trailer

Good day to you all!

This is my first instructable and I´m very sorry for my English.

It all started with the fact that Santa brought my daughter (she was then 2 1/4 years old) a 3-wheel scooter (kick bike). And an open trailer for it.

In our family we have also a younger daughter (less the 1 year old now) and the idea was that the trailer could be used by her in the future.

Actually both scooter and the trailer were quite popular for transporting e.g. dolls etc.

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Step 1: This Is How They Look Separately

Soon I noticed that the trailer was used separately and was pushed by my daughter, and the floor surface was shuffled by the yellow tip ("drawbar") and I had an idea - it is necessary to add third wheel! And here we go...

Step 2: Disassembling

Disassembling was easy - just take out 2 screws (5 x 50).

At this point I drew attention to reinforcing, but still plastic, bushings.

Step 3: 3rd Wheel

From regular local hardware store I bought shelf metal 90°-angle holders (2 pieces), saw off the extra parts from both sides, so that the sizes were corresponding. Soft metal was easily to saw with once again regular hacksaw. I finished sharp edges with a file.

Also from the same hardware store I purchased one wheel, it is for furniture initially, but it is looks like from a skateboard or rollers for some reason...

I drilled 2 bigger holes and 4 holes for the wheel.

In the end it turned out to be of such a design - see picture.

Additional holes you see on the picture are due to the fact the holders already had 2 holes originally, but not quite at the correct place, therefore this part looks like harsh metal cheese :-)

Step 4: Tilt

Assembled with yellow drawbar attached to the trailer with 5 х 60 screws.

At that point I noticed a small tilt.

Step 5: My Mistake...

The trailer was attached to the bike and the 3rd wheel did not touch the surface of the floor (plastic ruler found it´s way); I think it was not right.

Yes, I did a little calculation mistake :(

Step 6: Added Washers

I disassembled and add some washers - 2 pcs to each screw.

Step 7:

Now it is OK!

Step 8: Last Notice

I noticed after a while that then great weight is applied e.g. if I press it with my foot on the trailer then plastics are extrudes and flexes just in the area of the third wheel, but then returns to the original shape.

On the kick bike on the manual there was mentioned that weight should not exceeding 25 kg, but trailer did not have any given instructions, but it is sold separately though. Anyway, this improvement was taken warmly, elder daughter has now 2 toy vehicles instead of one )))

Thank you. Take care, I wish you all the best, good mood and health...

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is great. I frequently have to modify my kid's toys to make them more sturdy.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is great. I frequently have to modify my kid's toys to make them more sturdy.