Improvement of Make Your 'helping Hands' 100x More Useful for Soldering / Gluing Small Parts


Introduction: Improvement of Make Your 'helping Hands' 100x More Useful for Soldering / Gluing Small Parts

This is a reply of "make your 'helping hands' 100x more useful for soldering / gluing small parts". I took the improvements that leevonk made and made some of my own including adding heat shrink to the end of all of the screws and inside the hands to improve them so that they did not either spin, come out, or crush.

My largest contribution to this is instead of having the holder that had formerly held the magnifying glass on the left side of the middle instead of on the same side as the other hand. This makes it so you can move them easily further apart. To make the hands really close just move the middle holder of the bar all the way to the right and move the left hand all the way to the right as well. This makes it much easier to hold about anything. 



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    I've attached a picture of how I've combined two helping hands units into something that helps me. When I had just one if I'd try to adjust something held in one jaw it'd invariably end up moving whatever I had in the opposite jaw, on the other end of the bar. It helped aggravate me and not much more.

    Improvements to the helping hands units I've made are adding washers to the flimsy ball socket plates. Before I did that mine used to always bend. Then one of my helping hands had ferrules up inside the alligator clips to keep them from being crushed. The other didn't. So I made my own out of of nail shanks I put up inside them, then sawed flush. I just measured them and they're 0.136 diameter which makes them 12d box nails.

    That is all the pimping I've done on my helping hands. They serve me now.

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    Very cool! That setup seems very helpful and easy to use with many different things. I have been meaning to get another helping hand setup to combine two for a 3rd hand.

    A second one makes them both work so well I don't know why someone just doesn't make one like it. The two clips off one bar is horrible in comparison.

    I usually only use the helping hands for very simple soldering and de-soldering. Anything larger or more complex i tend to make use the custom jig that I made to hold stuff down. I am working on actually making it a product to sell. I just want to make sure it works perfect before starting a kickstarter for it.

    Soldering is well established at this point, and performed properly it is always a simple task. If it isn't then there is something wrong with your joint design.

    My ex-boss when I assembled electronics was a huge fan of Popsicle sticks. He confided in me once that he could make any jig, or fixture out of them. So I hate to rain on your parade but that is the competition you have to face from your potential customer base too.

    As a funny aside his machine of choice working with Popsicle sticks was invariably our bench grinder. Man that wheel was so loaded down with wood. The guy was an idiot, but hey he owned the company. Unconsciously he taught me a lot obliquely too. But I am an astute student of my fellow man.

    I can learn things from people that they do not know themselves!

    The helping hands I have have only two hands...but that is a good idea, ill have to get another and use the parts from the second.