Improvements Made for Anni Router 0.1,preparing for Anni 0.2



Introduction: Improvements Made for Anni Router 0.1,preparing for Anni 0.2

Dear Folowers:

As we test and use the Anni Router 0.1, we found some parts are too soft to use, so we build two extra parts on the Z axis to make is stronger but the result was not satisfied.

Then we thought we may need some help from metal. So we change the parts that holds the spindle in to metal.

It was awsome!

In this way, anni 0.1 will be able to keep working for us.

But as our concept is to build up a desk top CNC with parts that are easily made, since the metal parts are hard to make, we decided to redesign the machine and call it the Anni Router 0.2.

Here are some pictures about the 1st failure try and the metal parts and the drawing of the Anni 0.2.

Your suggestions are preferred!

Best wishes


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