Improving Communication

Intro: Improving Communication

!! Machine translation ¡¡

Often, due to the rush, at the pace we lead today, to not pay too much attention to how we express ourselves, we cause miscommunication. As we speak with our partner, someone in our family, who live nearby, at work, when we are shopping, or even taking a walk.

Step 1: Some Situations:

  • We are so busy, they just hear what they say, and do not want to be distracted, or have time to answer or explanation.
  • We listen and understand exactly what they are telling us, but it is an important issue, and we must take time to see the different options before making a decision.
  • It seems a good idea, and we completely agree.

Step 2: Solved

In my case, there are three expressions, short, simple, expressing quickly and without error a doubt, I need to convey. ¡! It works
Of course, they may prefer to use expressions :-) :-)

Step 3: "Not Now"

Unless it's urgent, or very important, it is not the best. Thank you.

Step 4: "Received"

I heard exactly what you said. I think it's a good idea. Since I have some time, we talked about the different possibilities. Thank you.

Step 5: "According"

A great idea. When do we start. Thank you



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