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Introduction: Improving a Simple Hand Truck

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"Brevity is the sole of wit." Bill S. penned.

Moving items with a hand truck is easier and safer with a simple rope attached to the axle. The rope holds the load to the hand truck/dolly.

Step 1: Supplies

Hand truck


Pretty brief huh?

Step 2: Attach Rope to Dolly

If you are still reading A you have already figured it out and hope for an extra gem of wisdom. Or B perhaps you missed the video this is a rope tied to the axle of a hand truck.

Gem of wisdom#1: Placement of this lifting rope is important. Tie it around the axle and the vertical upright centered on the back side of the dolly. This can be done with any knot just make sure the knot does not interfere when leaning the dolly backwards. I use a bowline for this attachment.

Step 3: Use

You're still reading this? You must want another gem of wisdom.

Gem of Wisdom # 2: Lay out lifting rope in front of dolly under the steel platform. Slide object onto steel platform and rope. Pull rope to get object close to back of dolly. Pass rope over loaded object to top center handle of the dolly. Form a loop on the rope between handle and object . Reach through the loop and grab the rope forming a slip knot loop. This is called a truckers hitch or power cinch.

OK what did you miss about the soul of wit? Are you
looking for some scientific principle to justify the claim a rope makes a hand truck work better?

The mystery of science #1: Pass the loose end of the rope through the loop and using the 2/1 ;mechanical advantage provided by this knot tighten the load. Secure the loose end around the handle a second time and finish off with a couple of half hitches.

The mystery of science #2: With the load secured to the dolly and the rope high on the handle maximum leverage to lift the object can be achieved by pulling back on the dolly. Fifty foot pounds of pull on the handle creates 250 foot pounds of lift at the furthest edge of the object to be lifted. (This assumes a 5 foot high dolly).

Step 4: Climbing Stairs

I am getting a little annoyed you have continued demanding more wisdom from a stupid rope on a hand truck.

Gem of Wisdom #3: When using this with a helper instruct the helper to assist you by only pulling on the lifting rope. This is important when going up stairs. Lifting on the rope keeps the object attached to the dolly. Lifting on the object tries to separate the dolly and the object.

Gem of Wisdom #4: For a very heavy object tie a figure 8 knot on a bight as a handle for your assistant to use going up stairs.

More ropes.

Gem of Wisdom #5: For very long objects an additional rope can be used to extend the lifting rope. You may also need to tie any doors and drawers closed.

Gem of Wisdom #6: For non square items more than one rope can be affixed around the load. Two parallel lifting ropes can be used going under and around the object. Round objects may need perpendicular ropes to harness them to the dolly in addition to the lifting ropes.

Step 5: Stacks of Boxes

Great you are still reading this.




Gem of Wisdom #99: When moving stacks of boxes this technique really improves efficiency. Place the heaviest biggest boxes on the bottom. Then by pulling the lifting rope the dolly slides into place snug to the back of the dolly frame. Passing the rope over the top of all the boxes allows me to stack them 5 feet high.

When I come close to where I want to leave the boxes I untie the power cinch and flip the lifting rope to the side. I drive the dolly over the lifting rope and set the boxes down where I want them. The lifting rope now can be pulled to assist removing the dolly from under the boxes. As I push the top of the dolly forward I pull back on the lifting rope. This keeps the boxes neatly stacked as I slip out the dolly.

This entire process is so fast it takes longer to read about it than to do it. However if you understood "Brevity is the sole of wit," you would not have bothered to read this after seeing the first video.

If your computer failed to load Gems ofWisdom #7 to Gems of Wisdom # 98 please send a note on the back of a twenty dollar bill and I will forward a PDF version to your mother.

Thanks you can punish me by going to the top of the page and sticking the arrow in my heart.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for posting such a simple solution!

    And I for one appreciate your humorous style.

    I was considering sending you the $20 for Gems of Wisdom #7 to Gems of Wisdom #98, but I imagined that Gem of Wisdom #7 might read: "Never send $20 to strange people for gems of wisdom."