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Tired of losing? Read this. I've done NERF wars for several years now, and little tricks I've picked up along the way have saved me lots of losses.

Step 1: Tip #1; Ammo Storage

Especially in the case of rapid-fire guns, you want to be able to reload quickly. This means that you should NOT be struggling to pull a clip out of the zippered pocket at the bottom of your cargo pants while the enemy rushes you. clips should be stored within reach- in a tactical vest, a shirt or sweatshirt pocket.

Step 2: Tip #2; Intimidation

While attacking, you will run out of ammo eventually. when this happens, the least effective thing to do is turn and high-tail it back to your fort; if you do, whoever you were attacking will chase you and mow you down with whatever they have in hand. Instead, pretend like you still have ammo left. press forward. If you are lucky, the enemy will retreat as you advance, allowing you to eventually run into the darts you just fired. If you aren't so lucky, they will hold their ground. as long as they think you're armed, however, they wont rush you. you can use this to your advantage to get to a spot where you can escape or collect ammo relatively unnoticed.

Step 3: Tip #2.5; Anti-intimidation

other people may well try to pull the intimidation move on you, as I am definitely not the first to come up with it. to remedy this, simply count their shots. after a while i've found that this becomes almost subconscious.

Step 4: Tip #3; Reloading

you would think that everyone would know this because its just common sense, but everyone always seems to forget in the heat of war; THE CLIP?BARREL DOES NOT NEED TO BE FULL TO FIRE!!!!!!!!!!! countless times ive beaten people because i rushed them while they were trying to shove the last few darts in their clip. if you see someone coming, slap the clip in the gun and shoot them! it doesn't matter if you completely filled the clip or not!

Step 5: Tip #4; Go Light

it doesn't matter how many guns and clips you can fit in your pockets/ strap to your body. if you cant leap over a barricade or run at top speed, then not even all the NERF guns in the world will keep you alive. one main gun, two spare clips, one sidearm, and 5 darts for your sidearm is always a good choice.

Step 6: Tip #5; Keep It Simple

there is a circle of intelligence. starting at stupidity, intelligence grows higher and higher, until the point where it circles back to stupidity. its a nerf war, not a nuclear war. intense battle tactics are useless, because nothing in a nerf war functions like a real one. simple "you go this way, I'll go that way" is fine, just dont get too fancy.

Step 7: Tip #6; You Are Not a Ninja.

unless you happen to be Chuck Norris, Jesus, or Albert Wesker, then you CANNOT badass your way out of tough situations. you CANNOT dodge all 18 darts in a stampede. you CANNOT perform headshots on a moving target at a distance of 30 feet. you CANNOT dodge the titan missile or the big bad bow arrow at close range.  you CANNOT kill people without them making noise (unless you happen to be Ezio) you CANNOT take down a group of people with a nitefinder. attempting the above acts of stupidity or similar ones will most likely result in your death.



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    9 months ago

    What if I do happen to be Ezio Auditore? I'm Nerf veteran and an expert in stealth kills. And, while it ain't exactly badass, throwing a grenade (harmless paper pipe) in your opponents' faces will let you make a swift escape.


    Tip 1 year ago on Step 1

    And a airsoft vest


    7 years ago on Introduction

    actually, dodging darts and such can be doneif you have the reflexes, and if they are bad shots, and if you are a good shot and they are bad shots, and if you can load fast enough, you can win with a nitefinder, and what it usually comes down too is reflexes and accuarcy, because if its stampede against a secret strike, the answer is whoever is the better shot with their gun.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    I was going to say, you probably could dodge all 18 darts in a stampede, especially if it has worn streamlines. It is a slow weapon.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    nice tips!!! which guns you use most? And do you have a nerf tactic vest?


    6 years ago on Step 7

    I was at a NERF war today, and I managed to take on 5 people with recons, mavericks and deploys, and I killed them all with my modded nitefinder. It IS possible (Just difficult).

    2 replies

    try actually adding pictures to this, good tips (which do work) my fav strategy is to get them into an ambush