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Introduction: Improvised Safety Guard for Rotary Tool

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I recently had to cut a long groove into a stainless steel tube, and because I had to watch closely to see where I was cutting, I wanted to add some extra protection, just in case the cutting disc broke.

Cutting deep and long grooves is quite dangerous, any bad movement could brake the disc, and high speed pieces may hit and hurt you.

Note: This safety guard is NOT a replacement for regular eye protection gear, I still use safety glasses while I use this tool.

Translated by DriX

Hace poco tuve que cortar ranuras en un tubo de acero inoxidable, y debido a que necesitaba ver de cerca el la pieza quise agregar una protección extra en caso de que el disco de corte se rompa.

Cortar ranuras largas y profundas es peligroso, cualquier mal movimiento puede romper el disco y pequeñas piezas volaran a alta velocidad, golpeándote e hiriéndote.

Nota: Este protector NO es un reemplazo para la protección de ojos regular, yo utilizo anteojos de seguridad cuando uso esta herramienta.

Step 1: Step 1

The only thing you need is a clear plastic bottle.

Every rotary tool has some kind of thread to allow some accesories to be added. Make a hole in the cap of the bottle and screw it on the tool.

You have to put the disc arbor now, without the cutting disc, before moving to the next step

Solo se necesita una botella de plastico transparente.

Todos los mini-tornos tienen algun tipo de rosca que permite agregar algunos accesorios. Haz un agujero en la tapa de la botella para enroscarlo en el mini-torno.

Tiene que colocar el vástago del disco ahora, antes de ir al siguente paso.

Step 2: Step 2

Having screwed the cap on, cut the top of the bottle and screw it on the cap. Once this is done, you can use an utility knife or scissors to cut the bottle as shown in the pictures.

After cutting the bottle, you can now put the disc on the arbor.

And that's it. A quick and simple guard for your rotary tool.

Una vez enroscada la tapa en el mini-torno, solo hay que cortar la parte superior de la botella y enroscarla en la tapa. Una vez hecho esto puede usar trincheta o tijeras para cortar la botella como se muestra en la foto.

Una vez cortada la botella, puedes poner el disco en el vástago.

Y eso es todo. Un protector rapido y simple para su mini-torno.

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why do you shoe a green and blue lid together with only the blue having a hole then show the blue screwed on and only a green ring on the bottle with no explanation for the green lid? What is the green lif for??

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I didn't use at the end, it was just a replacement cap if i ruin the blue one.

I'm always on the lookout for great tool tips, and this one was easy to implement and very clever. Well done.

Maybe this was mentioned and I missed it (apologies if so) but not only broken discs can get at you - so can small particles being ground off. I constantly see three dark spots that move with my eye movement. I got them cutting rebar. I WAS wearing safety goggles but the sparks and such can bounce right off your face, then the inside of the glasses and then right into your eye. Not a theory - I see the evidence 24x7 and the bits are so small they can barely be seen by an optometrist so I'm told that unless I want to spend an unholy amount of money on a specialist to remove them I'm safer just to leave them and learn. This is also a good idea for a water guard for wet-work - wish I could hook one to my foredom (no threads). Great ibble!

this is awesome , but i have a question for you does any rotary tool can cut wood like ingco dremel ??????

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This is pure genius.

I recently had to cut and replace some cheap rivets in one of those folding camp chairs. Although I was wearing safety glasses, apparently a filing got flung into my eyebrow, and made its way from there to my left eye. I had to go to the ER and then to the opthamologist, who PICKED IT OUT OF MY EYE WITH A NEEDLE.

Needless to say, I'll be making one of these tonight! Great idea, and great 'ible!

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similar thing happened to me, the doctor had to remove it then score the rust off my eye - the tool looked just like my... ... you guessed it - my dremel - except with a little scubber on it.

freaky - just saying.

Love the ible

Wow, that sound like a really nice experience!! (sarcasm)

I had eye injuries, but weren't caused by work accidents, and they are very painful.

Hola CHE!

Excelente idea para protección.Ya lo hice !




Wow. Really great. This might save me an eye one day! Thank you for posting this.


3 years ago

Yes! This is a great idea. I've been using it for years on my foredom for wet rock work. It keeps the water spray from shooting directly onto my face. The neck of the bottle is a great fit for the foredom handpiece, with a cut out of about 1\3 of the neck and it snaps on very securely as shown.

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this is what I had seen at the store. it is $45. looks cool but way too expensive. we can easily make a custom attachment using a 3D printer and/or acrylic. very nice post, thank you one more time.!

Dremel Rotary Accessory 670 (EN) r19892v15.jpg
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This is not a guard, but a scroll saw attachment. The guard one is still overpriced I guess though.