Improvised Vintage Effect Lens

Introduction: Improvised Vintage Effect Lens

"Vintage Reserved"
  I’ve been inspired by the 102 y.o Wollensak lens mounted on a 5D MarkII to have an instant Vintage effect to the photos. Ever since, I am attracted to photos taken in BW, sepia, with the effect of vintage or dreamy feeling. So I've decided to make a lens similar to that 102 y.o lens to gain that effect to my Rebel T1i.
  Since I don’t have a Wollensak lens, I used the lens from my mother’s digital camera (FujiFilm?? Fine pix?? I can’t remember the model). I took the middle part glass of the lens (The moving part) and the magnifying glass from the view finder. Supposedly, my plan was to build a lens mounted in the body, but then I realize, how can I attain the focus or the sharpness of the picture if there wouldn’t be a focusing mechanism? So I changed the plan and instead, I used my UV Filter for my 50mm Prime lens and plan to make some kind of Filter or Transformer modified to have an effect that I want for the photos. I also used the plastic screw of a crappy electric fan (A Plastic lock screw for the blades of the fan) to cover the lens and at the same time to make the filter/transformer presentable.

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