Improvised Fishing Equipment (tested)




Introduction: Improvised Fishing Equipment (tested)

I am going to show you how to make survival fishing equipment from natural materials. It includes fishing line and a fishing bobber. For this instructable I used the commercial hook without barb so it works in the most similar way to some improvised hook and also to make less damage to the fish. I am still working on making a hook from natural materials and I hope to add that to this instructable as soon as I realize that it works.

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Step 1: The Fishing Bobber

For the bobber you need a feather like on the first photo. It needs to be as straight as possible. I used the feather of a rook (Corvus frugilegus). If you can't find it, some stick will serve as well. Peel the feather, as in the second photo, and cut off about 1-2 cm from the thin end. Than find some stick that is soft inside, like stick from the elder tree (Sambucus nigra). Make one thin tube from the stick to fit the thin end of the feather, and another wider, to fit the wide end. You can also use the cable isolation for that.

I regularly use these bobbers, for smaller fish, they are excellent and they even fit very well to starlight glow sticks for night fishing as seen on the last photo.

Step 2: The Fishing Line

For the fishing line, I used fibers from the variegated ventury plant (Agave americana) in my backyard. Just tear a leaf at the top, and you will find quite strong fibers when you try to split the leaf from the top to the bottom. (second photo). For the stronger rope twist several fibers together, but for smaller fish you don't have to do that. Tie these fibers together, about the same size as the stick you will use (optional).

Because many people can't find this plant in the nature, I found another solution for this. Probably, you can easily find plantain (Plantago major) (3. photo). Pick up leaves from this plant and on the bottom side there are fibers that can be used for fishing. The only problem with these fibers is that you have to tie knots while they are fresh.

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Pull the fishing line through these "pipes" from the elder tree, and place the bobber. As a weight you can use a small piece of stone tided to the line. Find some branch as a fishing rod and catch some fish.

Step 4: How to Tie a Hook?

Step 5: Even an Inexperienced Fisherman Can Catch a Fish With This Equipment :)

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    5 years ago

    Wow I have that plant everywhere near my house but I didn't know I could use it! Thanks!