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Improvised oil lamp is useful in situations such as power outage, blackout, emergency situation, etc.
These lamps are easy to make and you do not need extensive knowledge.
For this you will need:
-Some sort of container ( I used old Zipo fuel  container )
1.Making container you can use anything: bottle, jar, etc.
2.You will need cotton that acts as a "fuse".
3.Oil you can use oil's or some other liquid fuel ( except gasoline of course)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have several gallons/liters of olive oil that was used for deep frying.
    I've been looking for an easy to build lamp to utilize this "fuel" for emergency
    lighting, and this may do it. I'll experiment with strips from old cotton shirts for the
    wick, but I'd also like to incorporate some method to adjust the amount of flame
    by lengthening or shortening the wick. Adding a reflector or magnifier would be a nice touch as well.

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