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I like listening to music. I like to lay in bed. Combine the two and then I like to listen to music in bed.

This is a simple project that I did. It uses two old computer speakers and some wood. It can be made in an hour or so.

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Step 1: Materials

This is a very simple project that uses only o couple of materials.

You Need:
Pair of old speakers-Try to find amplified ones.
Scrap wood-Make sure it doesn't have any dings or dents.
Screws-To hold the speakers in.

Hole saw

Step 2: Cut Wood

Measure your piece of wood to the length you want it. I made mine so it could fit in the headboard of my bed.

After the wood is measured, cut off the piece you want.

Step 3: Dissamble Speakers

This step will vary widly depending on your speakers. Just take them apart without destroying them.

Mine had four screws on the back of each one, and two holding the speakers in.

You might have to desolder a few connections to get the circuit board out. Do this and remember where the wires go. In this case, I desoldered the wires going in and the battery wires. I also removed the power led.

Step 4: Drill Speaker Holes

This part is fairly simple. Find a hole saw the size of the speaker cone. You want to leave enought wood to screw the speakers back in.

Then drill the holes in the wood in the desired locations.

Step 5: Prepare Speakers

In this step, we will prepare the speakers for mounting.

First, desolder the wires to the speakers, taking note of the connections.

Then, feed the wires through the hole and resolder them to the speaker. You may not have to desolder them if you can get the circuit board throught the hole.

Step 6: Mounting Speakers

Now take a couple screws and screw the speaker into the wood.

Step 7: Testing

Now hook your speakers up to a power source and plug in your MP3 player or iPod. Pick your favorite song and play it. If you get sound, you're good to go. If not, check your connections. Are the speakers hooked up correctly?

Step 8: Finishing Up

Now all we need to do is mount the circuit board to the back of the wood. Use some hot glue and apply a generous amount.

Step 9: Done!

There, now you have your own in-bed or bedside speakers. Watch the video to see the results.

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    10 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I hooked a 140W car CD player into my bed, and powered it with a 450W ATX power supply from a computer...the only problem is keeping the memory, since I have to shut the power supply down at night, because it makes too much noise for me to sleep. And I have lights attached to it too, gives some pretty neat mood lighting, and have a car's voltmeter on there too. I am currently working on a much quieter power supply using a power transformer from a 12V battery charger for a cordless drill. Just finding the parts without buying anything is the hardest part!

    7 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Although, all my speakers that have a high enough wattage that they are usable by my car CD player are quite big, especially the ones I have hooked to the rear output (10" subs in your bed anyone?)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I had 10" subs under my bed, the bass was so bad that i had the neighbors in the apt below me complaining to MGMT


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I have two 12" subwoofers wedged between my wall and my bed, the bass is almost overwhelming when you're sitting on the bed.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    wow, how did you even fit those in or by your bed? sounds like an idea to use the battery charger transformer. post some pictures!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    The only way it could work better is if it were run off a constantly charging car battery...and the two subs had completely lost their surrounds, so I re-built them with duct tape. I did originally have 6X9's hooked to the stereo, but I would quickly max out their power threshold, and make things sound very distorted. And the subs are in their original 3-way speaker boxes, PS310's by Phillips. And the 5 1/2" front speakers are from an RS2655 by RCA, the stereo those came with is my mid-high range amp for my computer, and the amp the PS310's came with is my sub amp for my computer, which those subs have custom boxes.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    here's an idea put the PS under yur bed and just run extra wire to it for yur cd player and if you have to turn the PS off just wire in a 12v accessory socket with a 9v memory socket (see Pic) i use one of these any time i have to disconnect my car battery in my truck---saves the hassle of reprograming all of my presets

    Phil B

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Is the sound better with the speakers in their original enclosures or mounted on the board, as you did? I would think the enclosures would provide an improved sound quality. Maybe you did not have room for the enclosures on your bed.

    1 reply
    qwertyboyPhil B

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Acyually, there is almost no noticeable difference. I just made this so i could listen to music in bed.