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You made it! If you completed all the lessons in this class, you're now prepared to tackle any braided hairstyle you choose, even from a single photo on Pinterest. Now that you've got the basics, the world of braids is your oyster! And if you're still a little rocky on some of the harder braids, just keep practicing.

Here are some braids from the Instructables community to get your online research started:

Signature Katniss Braid by ojeda8th

Cage Braid by appletosh

"X" Braid by dncedvl

Double Braided Updo by HollyMann

Double Waterfall Braid by Penolopy Bulnick

Dutch Flower Braid by Penolopy Bulnick

Have you created an awesome braid and want to share? Consider writing your own Instructable about it, and don't forget to enter it in one of our many contests.

Thank you for taking my class on braids! I'd be delighted to receive your feedback so I can improve this and future classes. If your experience was positive, consider sharing this class with a friend!



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