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I'm just mad about turquoise, turquoise is mad about me..

Pauric suggested I end my negative hatred of Valentines Day and join this competition instead :-)

So here it is, a little necklace made out of all sorts of precious bits and pieces, with a few tools and some easily learnt skills.

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

50cm of chain
1 large jumpring
several small jumprings
several headpins (the long bits of wire with bobbles on)
lots of special buttons and beads found all over the place

you know those little sample sheets you get with processed photos? Well, cut out a favourite photo, and cover it in some kind of gloss to make it stronger. The instructions for adding eyelets are at the end.

Step 2: Tools

you only really need a pair of roundnose pliers and some cutters. I use strong scissors, but you're better off with wire cutters.

The hammer and eyelet puncher are for the little photo if you decide to use one.

Step 3: The Chain

open up the large jumpring and attach it to the end of your chain, then close it again.

Step 4: The Chain Contd

thread the chain through the jumpring to form a loop at the end of the chain.

Step 5: Putting Beads Onto the Headpins

thread a bead on to the headpin. Using the roundnose pliers, curve the wire round.

Step 6: Putting Beads Onto the Headpins 2

cut the wire where it meets the bead again.

Step 7: Putting Beads Onto the Headpins 3

curve the wire around a little more with the pliers so it forms a closed loop.

Step 8: Putting Buttons Etc Onto Headpins

using some of the excess wire which has been been cut off a headpin, use a pair of pliers to form a complete loop.

Step 9: Putting Buttons Etc Onto Headpins 2

thread the button on and curve the wire around it, as in the picture.

Step 10: Putting Buttons Etc Onto Headpins 3

turn the wire around itself as shown, and cut off any excess.

Step 11: Putting Beads and Buttons Onto the Chain

you can use a jumpring for this, or you can put the object directly onto the chain using the loops you have made. Simply open up the jumpring , thread the object onto it, then thread it onto the chain. Close it again with the pliers. If not using a jumpring, its even easier. Just open up the loop, thread on and close.

It might take a little while to work out where the different opjects are best placed. Take your time, and move things around if necessary.

Step 12: Putting It On!

the necklace is worn by threading the beaded end through the large loop made right at the beginning with the chain and large jump ring. When they are all threaded through, let them fall and the loop will become small. To open again, lift the necklace and loosen up the loop. Ta daa!

Step 13: Optional: Putting an Eyelet Into the Miniature Photo

take a small eyelet, and place it on the picture side of the paper, then placing it facedown on a hard surface. Put your eyelet punch onto the opposite side, ie the non-picture side, feeling for the centre of the eyelet. Using a hammer, push the punch down.

If you've never done this before, practice a few times first. Make sure your punch matches the size of your eyelet.



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    1 year ago

    That heart chain is really cute :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful necklace! I make jewelry from all kinds of things and I'll have to try this. Really cool way to put it on too.

    1 reply

    12 years ago

    Very well done instructable. great close ups. Beautiful neck uhh necklace.


    12 years ago

    any hints on how to keep the eyelet from collapsing like mine always do?

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    hi jtobako, good to hear from you. hmm, good question. I tend to try and push the eyelet through the paper with my fingers before I hammer it down. That also means you can get it in exactly the right place. But other than that I can't think of anything. Let me know if this helps. Cheers, AnnaNomsa