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Ever find yourself in the middle of it all or in the middle of nowhere needing to stop and ground yourself with a little meditation? Well, now you can! I am here to show you how easy it is to make a cute, compact and useful meditation kit that fits right into your pocket!

Meditation is the practice of living in the present moment. It can also be very much like prayer or praise. It is a quiet and calm celebration of our beautiful and abundant lives and a time to convene with the universal higher power to share gratitude and love.

Jesus would have LOVED one of these! If he'd had a pocket in his robes!.

Step 1: Trace, Size, Cut & Place

Pick any beautiful fabrics and images that inspire you.
Trace the tin lid and bottom onto a clean sheet of white paper.
Label the top piece from the bottom.
Cut out pattern pieces along the trace lines.
Pin onto your fabric.
Cut around the fabric of your choice using scissors, following the pattern line.
Apply a layer of heavy glue like mod podge to the top of the tin.
Carefully apply fabric to the glue on the lid.
Use a roller or your hand to smooth any rough spots. Let dry. Repeat bottom inside, top and bottom.
Optional-If the tin is embossed, you can place a piece of duct tape over it to minimize the effect before gluing the fabric down.

Step 2: Look Inside, Grasshopper

Once you have decorated the inside and outside of your tin, gather the items you will need to make a meditation kit to go. I used the sleeve cuff of an old silk shirt for the altar cloth. I left the button on so I could fasten everything nice and neat inside. I found a beautiful old postcard of Our Lady and baby Jesus that I traced the top pattern on and cut to fit the inside of the lid to help set the mood. The bottom is lined with a beautiful silk brocade piece of fabric cut to fit. You can use any fabrics or images that inspire you.

Tucked inside is a tea light candle, strike anywhere matches, incense and tile burner, a feather to fan the incense smoke or smudge, grounding stones of tiger eye and fluorite, and seashell to hold water. The feather is attached to a toothpick with some mod podge glue after wrapping a silk leaf and piece of wool yarn around it. Use your creativity and expand upon my ideas using stones and crystals of that you are attracted to.

These items represent earth, air, fire and water. The basic elements of all life.

Step 3: To Use

Now that you have gathered all your items I will show you how to use them.
Remove everything from the tin.
Lay out your altar cloth.
Arrange stones on cloth with seashell of water. Put candle and incense in a safe place near you and light them with strike anywhere matches.
Use the feather to fan the smoke, called smudging as you begin to dive deep within yourself to get grounded.
Place your hands gently over the light of the candle and gather the light to bathe over your head symbolic for enlightenment. I learned this from a Sissiwiss Native American Indian tradition. It's a beautiful gesture.
Say anything on your mind to yourself as you notice the words going by like clouds on a breezy day. Ask anything. Listen to the response. Keep it in your heart of hearts for safe keeping.
Acknowledge the divinity in all life. Become unattached to desired outcomes and know the universal higher good is at work in your life.
Find stillness, silence and peace.
All is well.
You are loved.
Everything is one. There is no separation. Feel the wholeness of life.
Laugh and cry as needed.
Be blessed!
Extinguish incense in the water in seashell.
Blow out candle and let cool before wrapping back up. Tuck everything back into your tin, buttoning to secure and put in your pocket.
You will be relaxed, energized and peaceful!

Step 4: Help Me Win by Voting

If you like my instructable, please take the time to vote for it in the In Your Pocket contest. Leave any comments and rate too. Thank you for taking the time to help me win this fun contest! I really appreciate it! I had fun putting this together. Enjoy!

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    Question 6 months ago on Step 3

    WHere are you getting the little tile burner? So cute.

    1 answer

    Reply 6 months ago

    The Morning Star brand of incense (one of my all time favs) has a tile in their box that I use. Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated! Enjoy!


    The sacred smoke is from the burning incense. The gemstones are supposed to provide additional help in meditation. For example, the fluorite is for increasing focus and concentration.

    Neon Panda

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thankyou very much for posting this :3 just what I needed x

    This is s long stretch but you seem to know your stuff :) so- have u heard / read anything about meditation helping fatigue or illness?
    Thank-you again x


    10 years ago on Introduction

    lol awesome that great for just before tests if u have a panic attack and need to calm down

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I am a traditional Catholic, and this is about as close to a miniature shrine as one can get! It's very clever, and would be useful often-especially in the work place, or where ever. Thumbs up for me. :)

    1 reply