In Desperate Need of Some Organization!

Introduction: In Desperate Need of Some Organization!

i have so many  ideas for my tiny living room space but no room or funds in my life to put my ideas to the test.  i work full time 10hr shifts 4 days a week and go to school the other days i have off and between caring for my diabetic mother and my rescue poodle mix i dont see any organization happening in my near future.  walking into my front door you'll find a large gorgeous window that covers the whole wall.  those windows are dressed with rusty old blinds that fall off everytime the wind blows.  my couches are old and smelly because of my new pups fear of new enviornment.  fabrese does not help remove doggy pee pees. most of the stuff like the book shelf computer table , chair for computer desk, stand holding telivision are from dumpster that i cleaned  it'll take lots of time and money for me to make my space a little more comfy for me my mums and little sis.
i rescued my poodle mix about 2months ago.  i found him in the back of a trash can looking for food.  he was so tiny and sickly looking couldnt just leave him.  i immediately took him to the vet and spent my entire income tax on least now he's a happy pup.  my mum was just diaganosed with diabetes and high blod pressure after having a hyperglycemic attack.  she wasnt working so i had to pay for all her meds which is super expensive not to mention she has high blood pressure which is also pocket emptying problem.
i absolutely need a little organization in my life so that my family and furry friend are more.  please help me people.  i would take a whole week off from work if i had this money to make my home livable!

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    6 years ago

    First spend one day removing everything in the room that is not furniture. The room is a little drab. Pick a paint color that you like but not to dark and paint all or 1 wall with it. Find some pillows with the paint color in them or make them and add them to the couch. Find a inexpensive throw rug at least 5x8 with the paint color and 2 othe contrasting colors and lay it in front of the couch. Buy a bookcase from ikea or thrift shop and paint it one of the other contrasting colors you chose. Only put things on that shelf you use or like and get rid of the other stuff. Find a trunk or small box and paint it and use it for a coffee table or end table and this will also be 5 or 6 various sized shadow box style frames, spray black and hang on wall and place a few small trinket things in each frame.
    For the TV stand buy a used dresser cheap and paint it and it will hole items from the TV as well as other stuff. Hope this helps.
    Not one thing in this bedroom was new and I added a ton of storage to it!

    13, 1:12 PM.jpg

    7 years ago on Introduction

    First of all, you won't have time to organize or decorate until you *make* time for it. If it is a priority, and it should be because your home should be a comfortable, welcoming place for you and your family and make it easy for you to relax and study, you will find that your stress level is lower when you take the time to reorganize.

    When you don't have a lot of floor space, you need to think vertical. A bookcase, for example, would hold more books and things than the low shelving unit next to where your computer is.

    If I were playing 'interior designer for a day', I would get rid of both couches and the coffee table and replace them with a comfortable chair and a loveseat and a small table between the two. That would make the space seem bigger right away. Even if you had an empty room for a while until you found the right pieces, until the dog is well trained and not having accidents you wouldn't have furniture being ruined.

    Second hand stores often have interesting things you can use to decorate with for very little money. Craigslist and Freecycle are also good places to look (Freecycle requires that you join a Yahoo group for your area, but it's a great way to find new homes for things you don't need and make a new home for other people's things).

    Go to craigslist for your city, you can get bookcases, maybe an entertainment center, for free. Or go to for your city. People give away stuff every day. Get some chests of drawers for your clothes. You simply have to take the time. Or maybe you mother could put things away once you get the furniture.
    Please train your puppy, otherwise its very unsanitary.