In-line Bolt Action/Friction Reduction




This was a small project in between the pistol and my next.

The idea was to create a mechanism that functioned somewhere in-between a proper bolt action,

and a magazine fed. (In this case clip fed)

How the firing process works is as follows:

-Slide bolt back

-Ram locks into place & Round moves up

-Slide bolt forward pushing single round into position


I had decent ROF and range with this, getting 30ft-35ft regularly, however there was still noticeable effects due to friction in the magazine. All and all the design worked well, only jamming every 30 shots or so, excellent for a prototype.

I don't plan to post any more pictures, hopefully what I have given will suffice for reverse engineering.

Step 1: The Rest of the Photos

A few other tidbits of information:

-The trigger could take a massive amount of force

-A true magazine could easily be added

-The trigger is extremely sensitive

I apologize for some of the picture's quality, and the lack of a fully assembled gun. I had already taken most of it apart before I decided to post this.



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