In My Home, It's Always Hammer Time! Clockface With Hammers Instead of Hours.





Introduction: In My Home, It's Always Hammer Time! Clockface With Hammers Instead of Hours.

You will need:

1. One cheap wall clock. £2.49 from tesco
2. Photoshop.
3. Colour Printer.
4. Scissors.

Step 1:

The diameter of my clock face is 20cm, I created a new photoshop document 19.8cm x 19.8cm, then I increased the resolution to 300 pixels per inch.

Here I have already added the cut outline by applying a stroke to a circle selection.
Then I created some guides to find the absolute center and to have some sense of scale.

Once you found a good high-res picture of a hammer, scale it and place it where 12 would be.

Now we do some photoshop magic (it’s not magic, some people call it step repeat), press “Ctrl + Alt + T” to enter transform mode, now move the reference point (very important) to the absolute center of the document (you have guides, it should be easy).

Then we type in 30 in the rotation angle box and our hammers will be rotated around the clock face. Keep pressing down “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T” to repeat-copy the transform and to complete your clock face.

Step 2:

Print, cut and fit the hammer time.



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    6 Discussions

    Thank you all!
    Fantastic comments, this is exactly what I wanted to see, people making puns.

    Nice. That beats something that may (or may not) have happened to the departmental clock at Uni when the ident stickers for the wheely chairs "fell off".

    Clue: Bill Haley.


    Clever! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!