In the Jungle-candle Holder

Introduction: In the Jungle-candle Holder

This is an easy tutorial to create candle holders from any wine bottle or any you want. Decorate your home, garden, plants or maybe a themed party with a jungle twist.

Try it and have fun!

Step 1: Materials

- wine bottles

- lighter

- pure acetone

- strin

- tweezers

- wire

- chain

- key rings

- shot glass

- candles

- dremel

Step 2: Planes

These are the planes of the appropriate measures to make the lamps

Step 3: Instructions

First put around the bottle the piece of string in the place you want to cut the bottle, then tide the string and remove it to soak it in the acetone, put the string back again in the bottle, then light up the piece of string with the lighter when the string light up slowly spin the bottle so it can burn evenly then when the flame lights down put the bottle in cold water and the inferior part will pop!

Keep the upper part of the bottle, that will be the shade of our lamp, then connect two pieces of the same length of chain to the metallic ring and a long piece of it in the top of the ring, then grab your shot glass and drilled a hole in two of the extremes of it, put the edges of the chain in each hole in the shot glass then pass the long piece of chain through the bottle neck so you can hang it put the candle in the shot glass and its done

Cut the second bottle of wine the same way of the other one then grab the upper part and tangle the wire around all the piece of the bottle then you would turn it upside down and you would drill two holes with the dremel one in each edge in the cut part of the bottle. then you would put a piece of chain in each hole and there is were you would hang the lamp then grab a shot glass and tangle it with wire too and leave a space with a piece of wire and then tangle the second shot glass with the wire then adjust the top of the wire in the neck of the bottle so can the glasses can hang of the bottle now put the candles in the shot glasses and its done

Step 4: See Our Video Tutorial for More Details

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