InFamous 2 Amp Prop

Introduction: InFamous 2 Amp Prop

About: Hi I am a 15 year prop maker. I love video game and movie memorabilia. I design and create props, I also make homemade posters.

For my gifted education class I decided to build the Amp from InFamous. I bought the Hero Edition and it came with the sling the Cole McGrath has so I thought it would be cool to have an Amp to go along with it. 
I made the Amp for like $20. I used A LOT  of PVC pipe and metallic spray paint. The brown blueprints are rough sketches that I made quickly in class. The white blueprints are the master blueprints and it took me a week to design. The hooks and string are to keep the amp from falling through the sling pack. The metal plates are reinforcement struts so in theory I can actually beat something with it. 



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    This looks amazing, can you send me the instructions?

    Nice, looks just like the one from the game. Plans to make it glow, maybe another prop from Infamous?

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    I dont plan to make it glow but im not really sure what other infamous props i could make... Maybe the ray sphere.