Incognito Survival Carry

Everyone wants to be prepared for disaster, but looking like an all-out prepper isn't that great either. That's why I've compiled some of these easy tips and projects that can help you out in a disaster while remaining inconspicuous. They are perfect for EDC so that when the end finally comes you can be ready. Unless the end doesn't come then we'll all be sitting here wondering what to do next.

Step 1: Hidden Arrow

It is fairly easy to make a bow in the wild. All you need is a stick and a string at the most basic, but making an effective arrow is much harder. Bone and stone can make decent arrowheads, but a steel one is much more effective. That's why this is a great idea. All you need is tape and a small arrowhead. I made mine out of a smashed penny with inspiration from this instructable. Duct, gorrila or electrical tapes are the best. Electrical tape will come off cleanly, but duct tape and gorrila tape can be used as a firestarter so take your pick. I wear a watch every day so this is the perfect place to hide an arrowhead. Just flip the watch over, and tape the arrowhead to the back of the watch. Make sure to cover any exposed points with the tape. The fit of the watch is barely altered and the comfort of knowing that you are just a little bit more prepared is worth it.

Step 2: Just a Little Segway

Step 3: Hidden Belt Pouch


  • fabric
  • thread
  • needle
  • old belt (preferably fabric)
  • scissors
  • something to hide

I've seen pre-made zipper belts, but it seems like they would always break so this is a way to make a custom hidden pocket on your belt for whatever you need to put in it. Arrowheads, matches, money, etc. First cut a small patch the size of whatever you want to hide, but make sure it isn't wider than the belt. Then thread the needle and begin sewing the patch on. Try to use a thread that matches the color of the belt. I used black and it sort of blends in. Use whatever stitch you feel comfortable with to sew. Then once you are done trim any extra cloth and thread off and admire your finished pouch. Feel free to make as many pouches on one belt as you want with varying sizes. When you wear the belt make sure that the pocket is not facing out. Mine is the prefect size to hold some matches or a small arrowhead which could be just enough in the wild.

Step 4: Final Words

If you enjoyed this instructable then please vote for it in the Apocalypse Preparedness Contest. Now all of you should be just a little more prepared, but a little less weighed down. Hopefully these ideas came in handy for you or someone else. Any of your own ideas can go in the comments section along with questions or whatever.



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