Increase Your Memory and Concentration While Having Fun!!

Introduction: Increase Your Memory and Concentration While Having Fun!!

This is a nice game that helps to improve your memory and concentration.

Step 1: Number of Players

There is no limit for the number of players for this game.. Actually, more the number of players more the fun.

Step 2: Location to Play

There is no specific props needed to play this game.

1. You can sit and relax to play

2. You can be on a walk with your partner and play

Anytime anywhere play!! Al you need is a partner to start with :)

Step 3: How to Play

1. Person 1 starts the game by telling some word randomly.

2. Person 2 has to continue the game by first telling the Person 1's word followed by his/her own word.

3. Now Person 3 has to follow the order of words from Person1, Person 2 and his/her own word

4. This continues in the order until it reaches the last person in the loop.. Now again when Person 1 starts he/she has to repeat the entire set of words adding his/her word at the last

5. The words are totally random thus giving you a lot of choices and also difficult to remember in the same order. Helps in improving memory power and concentration.

6. The game ends when a person misses the words in a loop.

The below example might be useful.Consider its a 4 persons game

Person 1 says TREE

Person 2 says TREE, SHADE



Now loop ends and Person 1 has to continue..


Step 4: Variation of the Game

There are few variations that can be adopted to this game:

Variation 1 The same game can be played by considering some theme of you choice. e.g you can consider Hollywood movies and continue with your movies list


Person 1 Gladiator

Person 2 Gladiator, Titanic

Person 3 Gladiator, Titanic, Illusionist and likewise

Variation 2 The same game can be played by building words using the alphabets that end in previous person's word


Person 1 TREE


Person 3 TREE, ELEPHANT, TROPHY and likewise

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