Incredible Instructables String Wall Art




My name is Ashish Kumar and This is my first string project.I hope all of you like this.

Material Used

Following are the material used for building this logo:

2.Papers (for printing the logo)

3.Glue Gun & Sticks.


5.Masking Tape.

6.Blower (To melt excess of glue after the Weaving finished and before painting).


Step 1: Making Stencil

Print the logo on papers and carefully arrange the logo pieces in a correct sequence.My dimensions are 33"X22".

for Mine it tooks 9 sheets of A4 paper to make that giant instructable logo.

Step 2: Gluing the String

carefully follow the lines of the stencile start gluing your string with the help of glue gun on the can follow any method either starting from inward and ended in outward or vice versa.But here i used the second method. After you finished your gluing job use blower to melt excess of glue which squeze out after pressing the string on the glue.painting

Step 3: Painting and Masking

start painting with black color to make outlines After that carefully mask the inside area of the logo and started painting with different colors.After that allow it to dry and then carefully remove that masking from that logo.that's it.

Step 4: Finally

Finally almost 3ftX2ft Logo constructed.

hopes you like:)



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