Incredible Toy Sword/ Instamorph

Introduction: Incredible Toy Sword/ Instamorph

My Maker's Space class teacher brought in some instamorph and told us we could do anything and well this is what I came up with. Of course its not perfect but the sword is decent.

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Step 1: Getting Your Instamorph Ready

Open the instamorph package or bag and pour it in a basin of boiling water, as soon as you see your instamorph completely clear take it of water with some tweezers or a another object you can use to get it without getting burnt.

WARNING: The instamorph is going to be clear but you might see some bubbles inside but don't worry it's normal.

Step 2: Molding

When you took your instamorph out of the boiling water you are ready to start molding: First you have to mold a handle, the size of your hand, you get a piece of the instamorph and roll it as if it was playdough.

Step 3: Starting the Main Parts

After your molded your sword handle you mold the flat part the is going to connect your sword "sheet" to do that your going to get a small round or sphered molded instamorph piece and your going to flatten it out so it look like an oval .

Step 4: Sword Sheet

This is the most creative part of the sword and easy. To make the sword sheet you can use any size and shape so make it creative.

Step 5: Putting Your Incredible Sword Together

When your done molding all of the above you can just put all the pieces back into the water and let them be in the water just enough for you to be able and connect the parts together.

WARNING: Don't let the parts to much time in the water because the parts will "melt" and deform!

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