Incredible Box



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Quick craft project for kid or kids at heart

Step 1: Obtain a Box

Happen to have a nice but unused cigar box. My mom is a cigar box hoarder. ..dont tell her I said that

Step 2: Cutting Time

Find some pictures of what ever you want. This one just happens to be of only the best superhero ever...just saying

Step 3: Base Coat

I use big pieces just to help along this step..Just Modge pouge the box and lay clipping down Smooth out lines and let dry. once dry. Trim extra off if you have any.

Step 4: Finish Coat

Lay out smaller clippings as much or as little as u want. Really no wrong way to do it. I tried to keep some of the first coat pictures I liked. Than just cover the bix in one more coat of glue....stand back and hulk out...or just place it on a shelf..... Not gonna lie this quick craft was inspired by a Marvel toy box on here which is my next project.....That is right after I do a Frozen box for the wee ones. Check his Ible out it is awesome



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