Incubator / Greenhouse




In this Instructable, I will be guiding you through detailed steps on how to build a small Incubator/ Green House.

Step 1: BOM (Bill of Materials)

1. Black Foam Boards, 20x30" QTY - 4

2. Trifold Presentation Boards QTY - 5

3. Aluminum Foil QTY - 1

4. window insulation shrinkable plastic QTY-1

5. 2 feet long grow light

6. 32" x 1.5" x .25" wooden stock


1. Spray on Glue (3M Super 77)

2. Exacto knife

3. Clear Shipping Tape

4. Black electrical tape

Step 2: Top Cover and Grow Light Installation

Please read the notes on the pictures for detail instruction.

Step 3: Preping the Four Walls and the Base

Cut the Remaining Foam Board to Dimensions and apply aluminum foils as shown in step 2

Step 4: Detail Cuts

Cut the left and right walls so that the wooden stock that used to install the grow light can fit in. IN

Step 5:

Put all the pieces together and your Incubator / Green House should look like the pic above.

Enjoy your incubator.

Please leave me comments and suggestions.

This is my first Instructable and Hope you enjoy building your own small green house.

Please tune in to my page for more instruable in the future.




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8 Discussions

Akin Yildiz

4 years ago on Introduction

what light do you use - do you have a link.? i like the design of your box, the windows especially.. i use foam board from the dollar tree all the time. all my models/prototypes are done using this amazing material. if you glue two sheets together before cutting, you can get a much more stable frame.

check these out;




simple, cheap and looks cool - very good stuff, thank you for sharing. and welcome to the community.!


3 years ago

I am working on a project basically doing the same thing but hydrophonic and in a fish tank, ill let you know when I get it done. Any help would be nice :)

moe khant

4 years ago on Introduction

Thank You for all of your supports. I don't have the info on the light i used currently but i will find it out for you. The windows are for capturing sun light. I have the windows facing toward the sun near my room's window to captures light.

Thank for all your comments and questions, keep them coming please.


4 years ago on Introduction

I made something similar but I dont really understand the holes you made in the box. What is that for?

moe khant

4 years ago on Introduction

Yes, this will work for eggs but you will need a different light source, something more designed toward heating. I would not recommend this for keeping hatched chicks. I am creating another instructable for climate monitoring for this incubator/greenhouse, It should show you how to get the right climate for your use.

moe khant

4 years ago

Haha, my purpose for it is to start some seed for the spring and to keep small plants in my apartment in the winter. Totally legal stuff. What you do with it is completely up to you. :)


4 years ago

you think this would be good for weed?