Incubator-Shaker Table




Introduction: Incubator-Shaker Table

This is the initial idea to make a shaker table. The team has used this as a basis to make our own Shaking Incubator with a few minor alterations such as the use of a plastic tub instead of a cardboard box or the use of chains instead of strings.

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Step 1: Light Bulb/thermostat Wombo Combo


250 Watt Light bulb

Extension Cord

Light bulb plug adapter

Wire Connectors

To have the light bulb turn on and off automatically corresponding to the temperature required, a thermostat is connected as a regulator switch. The light bulb is connected to an extension chord through a light bulb plug adapter and wire connecters are used to cover exposed wires.

Step 2: Disassembling

With the record player, the only things needed are the spinning platform, the motor connected to it and the base which would be used to prop the whole thing together with the use of nuts and bolts. Everything else, like the front of the record player with the speaker, buttons, the initial power supply, CD drive and every other component will not be used.

Step 3: Cyanoacrylate

Nuts are (super)glued on the spinning platform. These would be used to prop up the cookie sheet with a bolt.

Note: The farther away the nut is from the center, the faster it would spin.

Step 4: Soldering

Because the original power supply for the record player has been removed, a new one should be used. With the help of a soldering iron, connect 2 alligator clips, where the ends of both are cut exposing wires, to the electrical board found on the side of the power supply.

Step 5: Base to Base


Base(of the record player)

Nuts and Bolts

Aluminium foil

Cover the inside of the plastic tub with aluminium foil so that it can insulate and trap heat. Drill holes onto the plastic tub corresponding to the holes on the base of the record player. Use nuts and bolts to attach the base to the plastic tub.

Step 6: Attach the Platform to the Base

Drill holes on the platform and attach it to the base with the bolt from the previous step and secure with a nut.

Step 7: Power Source

A 15 V power source is used to supply the motor of the spinning platform power to spin.

Step 8: Cooking Sheet


Cooking sheet

Anti-slip mat

Prop up the cooking sheet with the bolt. Anti-slip mat is used to cover the inside of the cookie sheet.

Step 9: Hang It Up



Metal Bars

Metal bars are attached on the inside of the plastic tub so that the cooking sheet is not attached to the lid. Use chains to help prop up the cooking sheet.

Step 10: Fan

A small and portable "box" fan is used in the project for heat to circulate.

Step 11: Done!

With all the components inside, the Incubator-Shaker table is done. Remember to drill a single hole for all the wires to exit out of.

Step 12: Demonstration

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