Indeed Metals With Resin (gold, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, Bronze)



Introduction: Indeed Metals With Resin (gold, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, Bronze)

Here's how to give the appearance of a soft metal with resin (aluminum, bronze, copper, gold)
The principle is simple, just add the powder to the desired metal in the resin (charge).

It is necessary:

-resin (Epoxy, polyester)

-Charge (metal powder findable in resin reseller)

-Hardware polishing and sanding.

must be mixed in equal parts (50% Resin 50% metal powder)

Can be used in casting or gel coat

Once the cast, or the gel coat made, depending on the desired effect, it is possible to:
Sanding, polishing, aging like real metal.

The examples in photographiessont for gold, and aluminum on the motorcycle.
This gives an idea of the effect.

Step 1: ​Prepare the Mixture

Prepare the mixture:

Doser resin, powder and stir equally. Homogeneously mixing and incorporating the metal powder. Apply casting, or gel coat.

Once cured, you can grind, polish. For copper it is also possible to verdigris with acid.

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