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I am entering this contest to peruse my dream.. I want to buy a tanning salon that has been in business for 18 years. I am good friends with the owner and learned that the last manager ran the company into the ground so they need to sell it. I would buy it and make it a completely new company. It would have a new name, I would add services to it, and I would renovate it to refresh it and make it a nice relaxing salon. I want to add bedazzling, spray tanning and piercings so I can get involved in the community dance and cheer groups. I would want this to be a place where anyone can feel comfortable coming into. A lot of people with skin conditions come in the current salon to tan and a lot of cancer patients. I would not want a salon that you would feel intimidated in or uncomfortable in. I would make it relaxing for my clients and would try make them as happy as I possibly could, bringing old fashioned Southern hospitality back into the services industry.

This would help me to be my own boss and not have to work at an office all day. I have had spine surgery as a result of two car accidents in a two year period and my condition is constantly getting worse. My left side of my body is slowly becoming paralyzed and there is nothing anyone can do about it as it is irreversible. This would help me start a great business and give me the means to pay off  the mound of medical bills. It would be a dream to build up my own workplace and keep the current employees in a job. I could work at home promoting the salon and doing the accounts on the bad pain days and be bright and cheerful tending the salon on the good pain days.  This would give me a new lease of life and put a smile on my face again when I wake up in the morning.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    A place near me had a sign up. 'Mens Waxing' I don't know how much business they got. But thats worth a try in this new age.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I will make a note of that! There are a lot of male clients who like the salon because it is not a place they feel 'intimidated' in, so offering male grooming services is a great idea! Thank you so much!