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Introduction: Independence Project-- the CommonGround Network

The CommonGround Network is a system where we use membership fees to buy plots of land around the US (and eventually around the world) that members can use to camp, to travel, to throw festivals, or simply to relax in the beauty of nature. By employing  symbiotic conservation, the CommonGround Network could simultaneously protect land from development and enable recreation, creativity, and freedom.

Members would pay $100 per year or $250 for life to have access to the CommonGround Network, and would be able to see details on each property on our website. In addition, members could vote on prospective sites for expansion so that we develop in the geographical direction that our members desire. Started nearly a year ago, the idea for the CommonGround Network is well developed and we have run feasibility analyses to ensure that we could pull it off. Most questions can be answered on our website,

Elise is a senior at Stanford University, and has spent ample time traveling and adventuring around the world. Inspired by the creative and talented people she has met, and struck by the common dream expressed by many to buy a little plot of land so they could try out some ideas, Elise devised the CommonGround Network. A cross between timeshares and couch surfing, providing the environmental benefits of national parks and the freedom of personal ownership, the CommonGround Network could make the world a more free place for everyone.



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    Your website needs to be mobile friendly I couldn't fully investigate your concept.... Your concept is interesting but would require millions of members at 250 for a lifetime, maybe you address that on the full site?..... If you had millions of members how much common ground could each one enjoy? I hope that you succeed in getting it off the ground and that it expands to a global level!

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    Sorry about the website. One of the first things we're going to do if/when we get funding is hire a better designer to redo it. I agree that $250 for life doesn't seem like a lot, but at least in the start-up phase, our first priority is to rapidly expand our member base so that we can start to acquire larger plots.

    In addition, once we get big enough to gain some name recognition we will likely receive some donations and can also apply for conservation related grants.

    You might be surprised how cheap you can get land when you buy large tracts...
    Especially since we're expecting since most members will not live on the land, but will use it more sporadically, we feel like overcrowding won't be a huge concern. We'll definitely reassess our pricing strategy quite often, but based on our preliminary projections, it seems feasible to launch at this scale.

    I tried to go to the website but it says that it has expired and is pending deletion or renewal?

    Thanks for the interest, but I disconnected the website. You can see what it was at

    I have put the project on hold because I am entering my senior year of college and do not have the time to pursue funding, without which we cannot launch.

    That said, I'll likely rekindle the project after I graduate, and when I have a bit more of my own money that I can invest.

    This idea is very similar to one I have been developing. Email me at at to compare notes and ideas.

    Excellent idea, although your lifetime fee seems a little low...
    also, your Wix site setup doesn't seem to be complete...

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    Thanks for letting me know! I just fixed the website, although it is flash-based and so won't show up on phones/mobiles. We will re-evaluate pricing schemes after we get launched, but in our initial phases, getting a critical mass of people to buy into the system is our main obstacle, and we feel like (based on 5-yr projections of best case scenario, worst case scenario, and anticipated financial projections), that $250 is feasible.
    I appreciate the support!!