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I'm Mike And I'm a Nature Educator at a local Nature Center. I really enjoy watching kids of all ages from 3-adults eyes light up when they discover something new, a plant or animal they never heard of or a new fact about one that they did. I have a passion not only for nature but also history and the US is filled with both. I want to bring the new things you never knew about the US to everyone. I would do this through Books, a website and videos. The point is not for you to experience these places through these formats but to give you enough information and spark enough interest that you want to experience them for yourself. Hands on is the best way to learn! One of the most exciting ideas I had was interactive electronic books that could help you plan your trip.
I got my love for Nature from my Father and probably to her surprise my love of history from my Mother. They got me started in Writing and photography by checking my fourth grade stories and giving me my first SLR camera for x-mas. So, while I wait for that phone call from National Geographic Magazine to write and take photos for them I figured I should share my enthusiasm with everyone that will give me the chance.

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