Independence From the Debt of Congress Saves a $ Billion a Day

Debt Independence
Give American people Independence from the debt of congress.
Use a bottle of Jack Daniel's to show congress how to pay off it's debt and save a $ Billion a

day in interest.

The debt of congress is $16 Trillion.
Congress gets an income to budget of about $2 Trillion a year.
A bottle of Jack Daniel's contains 1 liter which is 20,000 drops.

If we use a bottle of Jack Daniel's to represent the $16 Trillion debt of congress,
each drop of Jack Daniel's is valued at $800 million.

If we can teach congress to budget ONLY it's income and conserve 15 cents of each dollar of

it's $2 Trillion annual income to pay down the debt, that means $300 billion a year (375 drops

of Jack Daniels) would go toward debt reduction and  the entire $16 Trillion debt will be paid

off in less than 55 years.
Once the debt is paid off, congress would no longer be wasting over $400 Billion per year in

interest on it's debt. That is a savings of over $1 Billion a day that congressis now wasting on interest on the debt.

Use of Funds: Provide each member of congress with a DVD showing them exactly how to budget their income so that some of each dollar of income goes to debt reduction.

Name : Larry DeLuca DOB 06 27 1948



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