Independence Project ROV SEA-KERR Remote Operated Vehicle




Introduction: Independence Project ROV SEA-KERR Remote Operated Vehicle
This is my entry into the Jack Daniel's, instructables Independence project.
No I dont do well in front of a camera!!  LOL.    This is an ROV design that I have been wanting to build for 7 years now and it is very different from most other submersible rov's as this one is designed for operating in swift moving water where other "swimming" rov's would have a hard time working. This ROV is a modular design that can be equipped with a variety of modules to perform specific tasks, water sampling, soil sampling, enviromental clean ups, dredging, search and recovery, surveying, sample collections are just a few things that it is capable of.  I am certain that most would agree that this ROV with its abilities and adaptability can easily find employment in various fields. Although there may be a limited market for production (yes I hope to produce and sell them), There will be many " for hire"  opportunities for the ROV and its operator.  I would also love to take this ROV to the Berring sea, prospect and dredge for gold as a sea trial proving that this is the ultimate ROV.

   About me,
                      Im 40 years old 1-19-72 and spent the beginning of my working career as an automotive technician for 11 years before moving into the enviromental scene where I was employed as a science technician. The majority of my work has been on designing and building  water treatment pilot plants, and operating and maintaining full scale plants. I have all ways had a love of the water and know how important it is to protect our natural waterways. I am currently employed by United Water operating and maintaining a 30 million gallon a day surface water treatment plant.
  I am a strange individual and posess a wide variety of fabrication skills ranging from composites and investment casting to plating and powder coating. I have a small home machine shop where I tinker with projects and build water filtering equipment on a small scale.   If I am fortunate enought to be the grand prize winner I can, and will buid this ROV. 

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