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About: A retired electronics engineer -motorola. delveing into new craft ideas and contest entries.

Intro: Independence Projects Contest-Miniature Musical Instruments E-book

My name is George Mistic.I graduated from U of Ill in 1948 with a BSEE degree. Previously, I was  in the USAF  during WWII.
My primary employ was in communications engineering  as a design and research engineer. I am now retired and am spending my time in my favorite hobby. entering contests. For several years I have published  my entries in the miniaturization of musical instruments field  developing  small lyres, guitars, zithers, pianos,  Most of the articles are in the format, about 30.
     I wish to take these publications and make a book or e-book of them for the DIY  people from kids to old people.
The prize money would be used to format the articles for  e-book publishing . I would use about $5000. for the initial publication of 1000 books.
Date of birth- 1-15-26 .



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